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Bedliner Repair

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I have a 2005 Titan with a factory installed spray-in bedliner.
The bed-liner is bubbling up in several places.
When this first started, it looked like it might be rust under the liner.
Just before my rust warranty expired, I took it to a dealer and we cut a small piece out to see if it was rust.
It was not rust, but the liner was actually sort of cushioned (thicker than just a paint) and had bubbled up (not separated from the bed).
It has been bubbling up for a couple of years (some as large as a silver dollar, some as long as a couple of inches) and I have decided that I want to spend the bucks to fix.
Is this a repair type fix or does the old liner have to be removed and completely redone?
Any thoughts on the best "fix"?
I'm not going to do it myself.
What would the best option be?

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If I had the option, I would have the old liner removed, get the truck bed properly prepped, and resprayed with Line-x or Rhino lining.
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