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My '08 Titan came with a shiny, painted bed. While this looks fantastic it's not great for hauling. I am getting a topper to keep the wet out of it but want to know what ya'll recommend as far as liners. Spray-on or slide-in? Cost/wear/performance differences?

It seems straight forward that a spray-on would be the best but I've had friends complain about them staining if they get oil/gas on them.

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Keep in mind that there are high and low pressure spray in liners. Low pressure liners offer much more slip resistance and medium impact resistance. They are also harder to spray evenly and have longer dry times. High pressure liners have good impact resistance, but not as much slip resistance...but they dry almost instantly and spray on beautifully. I went w/ a high pressure liner from Xtreme and could'nt be happier...I paid $325 for my long bed.
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