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My '08 Titan came with a shiny, painted bed. While this looks fantastic it's not great for hauling. I am getting a topper to keep the wet out of it but want to know what ya'll recommend as far as liners. Spray-on or slide-in? Cost/wear/performance differences?

It seems straight forward that a spray-on would be the best but I've had friends complain about them staining if they get oil/gas on them.

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I had my old Tacoma sprayed with linex for $375 over the lip. They come with a lifetime warranty. This covers any bubbles, flakes, or chips. I see on their website that they say their product resists most chemicals. I do remember gas and oil did tend to stain a little on my black bedliner-more noticeable after the liner faded over the years. Still I think it's the only way to go.
Oh yeah, it dampens the noise coming from the bed of the truck as well-another plus.
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