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My '08 Titan came with a shiny, painted bed. While this looks fantastic it's not great for hauling. I am getting a topper to keep the wet out of it but want to know what ya'll recommend as far as liners. Spray-on or slide-in? Cost/wear/performance differences?

It seems straight forward that a spray-on would be the best but I've had friends complain about them staining if they get oil/gas on them.

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cohee3 said:
The plastic liner also collects sand and other grit between it and the bed. It moves as the truck flexes and effectively sands the shiny paint right off the bed in contact spots.
All good points - so spray-on it is. What do you think is an average price for a spray on in a short box?
ss350z said:
Instead of spraying the tops of the bedrails and tailgate, you could get the factory plastic caps, and just spray the bed. I'm not sure if the caps come on all Titans, or just with the utility bed package.
I've got the plastic caps on my bed rails - just metal and paint in the bed! LineX it is...
chargedTitan said:
I had my old Tacoma sprayed with linex for $375 over the lip. They come with a lifetime warranty. This covers any bubbles, flakes, or chips. I see on their website that they say their product resists most chemicals. I do remember gas and oil did tend to stain a little on my black bedliner-more noticeable after the liner faded over the years. Still I think it's the only way to go.
Oh yeah, it dampens the noise coming from the bed of the truck as well-another plus.
I got a guy I called just recently told me about Scorpion brand liners - apparently they are usuable within the drying time but take a couple weeks to cure. After that there's a lifetime warranty on any damage include color fading.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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