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Bedrug Does It Fit Well With Utrack

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I Want To Install A Bedrug And Wanted To Know If Anyone Has One Installed Kc With U Track Can You Use Top Tracks And How Hard Is It To Install Pics Would Be Great Thanks
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I don't have utili-trac or a bed rug, but one would think that the utili-trac would help to hold the bedrug in place???
THANKS for your thoughts on this subject in ordered and installed the bed rug.But in removed utili trac and used a sharp iron to burn holes in bedrug for the utili trac bolt . the directions wanted you to leave tracs in and cut around . I fell my install came out great . pictures soon ...
Cool, the more pics the better. I know TitanBlue is working on something similar.
Sometime soon, Hopefully. The BedRug has outlines already in place for the UT, should be easy trimmimong it out. I'm definetely putting it in.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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