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Began PRG mini lift, but had to stop....

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So I came home and started to do the rear aspect of the PRG mini lift, but was unable to continue. I couldnt budge any of the bolts with my wratchet or my impact gun. I am gonna have to wait till tomorrow till I can grab my fathers breaker bar... I knew they would be on tight but didnt think it would be unable to get them off.....:boxing:
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Let me know how the install goes . If it's a real big deal or not.
Spray a little "Ease-Out" on them. Or WD-40, before you get back after it. Ythe should not be that hard at all.
And make sure the threads are clean. That might help. They're torqued pretty tight, but not THAT tight.
just stick a pipe or another wrench or anything around the wrench and use some levrage to get them lose
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