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Best CAI

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So I havent been a member long on TT and I have searched through many didnt threads, but I was wondering what would be the best CAI for my 2010 Titan crew cab 4x4. It is a flex fuel I seen where some people were saying that it being FFV that could play a factor in which CAI to purchase. Dont necessarily wanna lose gas mileage but I dont mind the noise of it and want what preforms best. thanks everybody!
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I'm happy with the Airaid MXP. Better mileage and no added noise on steady speed cruising but roars at WOT. Good addition to a catback and Uprev.
(2008 FFV)
Definitely the airraid MXP like already mentioned, best performing CAI an the only off the shelf 4" you can get that will work without uprev.
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Thanks guys. I'm new to this stuff what exactly is uprev? Only thing I've done to the truck so far was installed the Gibson metal mulisha exhaust.
Thanks guys. I'm new to this stuff what exactly is uprev?.
Tuning software that lets us reflash the ecu and custom tune it so that it runs better, faster, the way it should from the factory.

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