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Best Coilovers?

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Soo.. Got a Bulletproof on the way, and I will need to upgrade to the coilover and ditch the spacer/bills/4x4spring combo soon.. Whatcha think is currently best? Rig is pavement queen about 60%-70% of the time. King? Icon? Saw? Fox?
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custom length kings would be baller.

AFE doesn't even have titan shocks listed anymore (they make SAWS now)
Doubt ICON will build custom length coilovers
Fox will be similar to Kings, but their customer service is meh.
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Are you trying to ditch the bulletproof spacer as well?
Idk if ICON does custom length stuff. King is pretty easy to work with from what i've heard.
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Reactions: 1 long as I dont have to rock that baby elec blue on the kings..kinda clashes with my colors lol.
have them custom anodize the shocks and powder coat the springs. they do a deep red quite often, it'd look DOPE on your truck.
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