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Red Brawny LE

Red Brawny LE King Cab 4X4 - Charcoal leather interier

I always wanted a red truck, all of my previous trucks have been white. The Titan wears red REAL well. But don't let the color issue get to be too big of a deal. This baby looks good in almost every color offered. I LOVE the black, but you gotta be willing to spend a lot of time keeping it up. The older I get, the smarter I are.

I chose only two options: Floor Mats and Mud Flaps and the dealer waved the charge for both. (I think that came to around $200, but don't hold me to that, my memory isn't what it used to be...)
The dealer also waved some charges for Handling, Prep and Delivery.
I got a 7-year extended warranty for $200 over their cost.
The things I chose NOT to get: Off Road and Navigation packages

I got what I consder to be a fair deal. Mine was the first LE sold at this dealer (Tynan's), so I think they may have been anxious to get their first one out the door. Also, you should know that my wife has bought three Maximas from them. They were excellent during the deal. I never felt pressured, conversely, I never got the impression that they were sucking up. I just felt comfortable. Since I've received my truck, they've been excellent with regards to staying in touch to see how the truck is doing. The owner called just last night to see if the truck was still living up to my expectations. Of course, it is, but I like that kind of service. Also, the salesperson (Linda) has stayed in touch with me via email. I haven't had to deal with their service department yet, but my wife has been using them for 9-years to work on her Maximas (3 of them) and she loves them. Knows 'em all by name and actually looks forward to an oil change! Of course, even at 58-years-old, she's a far sight prettier than I am...HEY...wait a minute! Maybe I'd better keep my eye on those grease-monkeys!

Have fun picking your truck. No matter what configuration you get, I'd be willing to bet you're gonna like it.



1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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