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Thought this was interesting. Ford is the "official" truck, but Titan is the BEST. Is this like the Car & Driver thing? Wonder how many F150s were donated to be official?

NEMPA Winter Vehicle Awards

Titan awarded "Best in Class" by NEMPA - The New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA) named the 2004 Nissan Titan as its NEMPA 2004 Winter Vehicle Award winner for Best in Class - Pick-up Truck. Each year NEMPA holds its own "Official Winter Vehicle of New England" with winners selected by those that best handled the onslaught of sand, slush, snow and slop that New Englanders maneuver through each winter. The winners in the individual classes are deemed "Best in Class."

2004 New England Motor Press Association

Official Winter Vehicle of New England
Ford F 150

N.E.M.P.A 2004 Winter Vehicle Awards

Best in Class –Crossover Vehicle
Chrysler Pacifica

Best in Class-All Weather Sedan-over $30,000
Volvo S-80 AWD

Best in Class-All Weather Sedan-under $30,000
Audi A4 1.8T

Best in Class-All Weather Wagon-under $30,000
Subaru Outback

Best in Class-All Weather Wagon-over $30,000
Mercedes Benz E-320

Best in Class- All Weather Sports Car
Porsche C-4

Best in Class – People Mover
Toyota Sienna

Best in Class – Pick-up Truck
Nissan Titan

Best in Class – Sport Utility Vehicle Less than $25,000
Honda Element

Best in Class-Sport Utility Vehicle -$25,000-$35,000
Toyota 4Runner

Best in Class-Sport Utility Vehicle - over$35,000
Volvo XC 90
Volkswagen Touareg

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Well, when the titan beat out the F150 in th C&D shootout, the ford guys simply said "what does C&D know about trucks.. it's not Truck and driver"

But when the F150 got best of year right after that (or something like that) they changed their tune...

Remember when the crash tests were out and the Tundra stomped everyone? That sold a LOT of tundras, at least in my area. I was one of the few, and a couple months after that I started seeing a lot more tundras.

So, I had to get a Titan.. LOL!
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