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best time to buy?

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i'm looking at getting an 07 smoke king cab xe/se...should i wait till december or buy now?
thanks in advance!
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If you wait too much longer you will not be able to find any 07's, especially if you are wanting a specific color with specific options. I would rec. getting an 08 as you will get an extra year of less depreciation, bigger brakes, much more refined and nicer interior and seats, and the rebate is only 1,500 difference. You will make more than that up on resale.

But if you are dead-set on an 07, I would personally go do it now.
I bought My 2006 in sept. of last year. It was near the end of the month and near closing time. It was pretty easy to negotiate a price at that time. Go for it soon.IMO
Agree with what both said^^^^^^^^

I've already seen a few comments about not being able to find the truck someone wants. December may be too late.

Welcome to T.T. BTW!
thanks for the welcome guys!
heres a recent offer i got what do you guys think?

"smoke its a 4X4 SE model. msrp is $32,905 your special internet price is $25,100 after rebate+fees. It has the utility bed package,floor mats, popular package with bench seating, xm satillite radio, tow package and under seat storage."

thanks in advance!
i'm also considering an xe but would like an se.
heres an offer for this one...

"This Vehicle has the standard equipment on a 4WD Titan XE King Cab plus a factory bedliner under seat storage and floor mats.

Normal Price (MSRP): $28,245 + tax & lic

Dealer Cost (Invoice): $25,477

You're Price: $25,477 + tax & lic.

Rebate: $5,000

You're Net Cost: $20,477 + tax & lic"

thanks again guys!
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'07's are very hard to find right now because we quit making them in April instead of August when the normal yearly changeover occurs. I know that I bought the last '07 on the lot on the last Friday in July at one of the 3 Nissan dealerships here in town, and by then the other two dealerships had maybe 1-2 at the most.
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