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Best way to fix warped rotors on 2004 Titan....

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Just bought this truck yesterday, and the first two things I want to do is hopefully get some rotors that stop the steering wheel from shaking while baking... and also to flush the differential with synthetic oil, but the truck already had 260k miles, so I'm thinking of the differential isn't shot yet, then it can't be all that bad.

But anyway... What are the best rotors to put on that will prevent future warping? Are there any other components I should be changing or modifying (besides brake pads)?? Perhaps some new calipers would be in line to prevent future warped brakes??

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Welcome to the forums! Since your 2004 has 260k it wouldn't hurt doing a brake over haul. I would check the conditions of the caliper seals and guide pins but if its at 260k on original calipers and pins, change them out.

I've stuck with higher end Powerstop brakes and never had a problem. On they have a brake kit from Powerstop that includes front calipers, pads and rotors for $166 after core. That is for a basic oe replacement. They also have premium and heavy duty kits available.

If you want a fresh start on your truck its not a bad idea to replace all the fluids, front and rear diff, transfer case, coolant, etc.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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