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Best way to fix warped rotors on 2004 Titan....

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Just bought this truck yesterday, and the first two things I want to do is hopefully get some rotors that stop the steering wheel from shaking while baking... and also to flush the differential with synthetic oil, but the truck already had 260k miles, so I'm thinking of the differential isn't shot yet, then it can't be all that bad.

But anyway... What are the best rotors to put on that will prevent future warping? Are there any other components I should be changing or modifying (besides brake pads)?? Perhaps some new calipers would be in line to prevent future warped brakes??

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If you do determine that your rotors need to be replaced (that is what it sounds like to me), you may want to consider upgrading the rotors and calipers to a larger size. See this post on the parts to do so:

If you just want to replace the rotors, Centric rotors are pretty well regarded at a generally reasonable price. I have got a set of the slotted rotors the last time I did my brakes and this has been the first time I wore out my pads without the rotors warping. This is just my experience.

But, they are not cheap at about $300 for the set. I am sure they are less for the non-slotted version. Be sure to request the Titantalk 10% discount.
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