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Big 3 slamming the Titan!

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Nissan must of got it right with the Titan. All the Ford, Chebby, and Dodge forums are really slamming the Titan.

Funny though; most of the post are "The Titan sucks, it can't tow 12,000 pounds like my Ford Diesel PowerStroke"

...............NO REALLY! Buyers of the Nissan Titan aren't planning to tow 12,0000 pounds! They want one of the hottest truck for 2004, the quickest acceleration, best brakes, best handling, and a definite alternative to a 04 F-150!

I had a Toyota, and two Fords. Fords have lots of mechanical problems. It's a American made truck; it's gots to have problems. I not ragging on America or American workers; just the shoty assembly, quality, and QA of their trucks. I do own a Ford Super Duty PSD to tow my Bobcat. It would be traded in a heart beat if Toyota or Nissan made a heavy hauler!

Ford is the #1 selling truck, but if I had a penny for every bad story I've heard, then I'd be rich!

On the flipside, I'd also be rich for all the RELIABLE truck stories I heard from the imports like Nissan and Toyota.

If you gotta tow........then get a Big 3 diesel, but everything else has Nissan Titan written all over it!

My Titan is coming on Jan 7, 2004. I CAN'T WAIT!!!
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A couple of notes.. The Titan IS an American truck.

I bought mine because it does NOT drive like an F-150 or Ram. It does NOT look like every other F-150 or Ram. My primary use of my Titan is to get around town. I only need the bed on weekends and I really don't have much to tow.

People see the Ford and Dodge on the street and don't even notice it. When they see my Titan they stop me and want to know what it is.


Titan CC LE
Radiant Silver
400 miles.. 14 MPG
I was just out and for the first time really paid attention to the door handles. They are really cool, especially compared to the Ram.

Other people have complained that the doors take too much effort to shut. I believe that this is because of the triple seals. The doors are very impressive when they shut.
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