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Big 3 slamming the Titan!

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Nissan must of got it right with the Titan. All the Ford, Chebby, and Dodge forums are really slamming the Titan.

Funny though; most of the post are "The Titan sucks, it can't tow 12,000 pounds like my Ford Diesel PowerStroke"

...............NO REALLY! Buyers of the Nissan Titan aren't planning to tow 12,0000 pounds! They want one of the hottest truck for 2004, the quickest acceleration, best brakes, best handling, and a definite alternative to a 04 F-150!

I had a Toyota, and two Fords. Fords have lots of mechanical problems. It's a American made truck; it's gots to have problems. I not ragging on America or American workers; just the shoty assembly, quality, and QA of their trucks. I do own a Ford Super Duty PSD to tow my Bobcat. It would be traded in a heart beat if Toyota or Nissan made a heavy hauler!

Ford is the #1 selling truck, but if I had a penny for every bad story I've heard, then I'd be rich!

On the flipside, I'd also be rich for all the RELIABLE truck stories I heard from the imports like Nissan and Toyota.

If you gotta tow........then get a Big 3 diesel, but everything else has Nissan Titan written all over it!

My Titan is coming on Jan 7, 2004. I CAN'T WAIT!!!
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occa said:
Nissan must of got it right with the Titan. All the Ford, Chebby, and Dodge forums are really slamming the Titan.

Yeah, imatation of TiTan pulling up next to one of the Big Three: : :futwice: :flamed:

Before the TiTan there weren't too many Nissan [Import] trucks Out Performing the BIg Three...

I guess reality is setting in and they are in Denial and the ONLY way they can make themselves feel better is to TALK SH!T :informati :informati :informati ::and disregard what most all the publications and reviews have said about the TiTan because Talking is all most of em can do... : :informati :informati :informati :hellno:

imatation of BIG Three after TiTan: :crybaby::eek2: :crybaby:
david1990 said:
Where do you get those cool smilies?
I even amuse myself with them...:rockon:fktardxplJust click on the [more] tab underneath the smiles to the right bottom above preview post of the square box in which you write or reply to a post...

mike.elmes said:
I love smokin the big 3 and Titans too......the blower made all the difference
Awesome!!! and once the supercharger is available for the TiTan the Tundra won't stand a chance....

And for those who don't want to wait there are TiTan's out there now running Nos that can run with the S/C. :haveredfl
Zardoz said:
And how much did you pay for the Blower including the installation if you
wanted to keep your warranty. Neat truck but $$$$$$$$$ and you gonna
see the taillights of a ford lightning for sure.

Valid point on the warranty allthough if you have the $$$$ to put that kind of money on a S/C than the warranty may not matter cause "You Got To Pay To Play" and as far as a Lighting goes once again that's comparing apples to oranges. The Lighting is great in a limited area, throw some rain or weather elements in the mix or ANYTHING other than pavement and the Lighting is gonna see taillights and sky from spinning out and flipping over as the TiTan Blows by "bye"...
dragkaw said:
I think that Dodge has a 500 H.P version out now too kind of a copy of the Lightning what is up with a fast truck I mean for the money $50K$ you can go a lot faster in a sport car right? ( Corvette, Porshe, or even built Import...)
Fully loaded your at $45,795 for this Trukin Beast allthough interestinly enough the base start's at $22,425 which means just the options alone cost more than the base price of the truck at $22,575.:readclose "That ting gota hemi in it?"

As much as I Love my TiTan this Dodge did set the Guinness Book Of World Records for the fastest production P/U but I could still beat it in a race-In a rain or snowstorm :teeth: :teethmast Ok enough of the sarcasm...
"That ting gota hemi in it?

It goes 0 to 60 in 5 seconds and tops out at around 150. Quarter Mile in just under 14. That's pretty impressive and is faster then the mighty Lighting, a STOCK Lighting that is but for the money you could definitly go faster in something else. Not a Stock P/U though...
"Hey, I said that ting gota hemi in it!?

It's all about the title of fastest prod P/U


Yup, and it aint got a Hemi in it, just a viper engine :eyebrow: dammit, I said enough with the sarcasm:fight:
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