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Biggest tire I can put on stock suspension..

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I have a 04 Titan Crew Cab SE With a tock suspension. Right now the truck has 285/70/17's, my question is, how big can I go with the tire on that wheel with the stock height? I woud like to go bigger, and plan maybe to do a 2inch leveling kit, so i want to start with a bigger tire?? Whats the biggest I can do?
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I have a 4wd with the 2" leveling kit. I'm running 18x9 and 325/60/18
Although I will need to do the pinch weld mod, no biggie. I could leave it but I always back into my parking space at work and it sounds knarly when it rubs in reverse.
If it is a 2WD, here are the biggest BFG all terrain tire sizes that you can run with a 2.5" leveling kit and stock rims:

BFG AT 305/65/18, which is a 33.7" tire (34") and 12.2" wide.

BFG AT 315/70/17, which is a 34.5" tire (35") and 12" wide
I think the wide Kumho's are about the biggest you can squeeze with a level kit.
You shouldn't go much wider than 12" unless you want to do some cutting or lift higher.
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