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Bike Rack on a Hard Tonneau?

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Has anyone put a bike rack on top of a hard tonneau. I have an ARE LSII lid and looking for options of where to put my bike. I have been just putting it in the bed but it has been getting a little beat up so I'm looking into the Yakima/Thule "tracks" that are made for permanent install on truck caps, campers, etc. Thanks.
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My buddy has the yakima racks on his Chevy with the hard tonneau. He informed me that he has the company he bought it from install the mounts to clamp the rack to. It seems to work really well on his truck.
I am planning on doing the same thing with my tonneau cover just as soon as I get my bike. That is the expensive part.
Thule make the rails that make removing the racks, when not in use, easy.
Let us know what you decide to do and ad pics.
I have the Cover Master E300 on my 2006 Titan SE. Purchased 2 rails that can be installed on cover and have Thule rack system from my old truck. I can load the bed of my truck close the cover and put my bikes, skis and luggage coffin on top of the cover. I tow a camper and this make it so easy to load the bed and still have room for bikes. My cover has supported 3 bikes and stays open all by it self.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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