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Billet Grills....

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Have a question out to the seller of this truck on where he got this grill....will post more info as I get it. I think it looks better than the standard Ebay grill.



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well guys o ordered from b cool billets out of cali. itsw the grill thats on the cst truck at sema. when it arrived it was damaged, one of the thin layers of aluminuim was creased down into another. so i call them up and say hay it arrived but damaged and they say oh thats ok just take a pair of pliers and bend it back out. i say HELL NO i paid 180 dollars for this and i refuse to have to bend this grill to make it look right. which it was almost creased. so they tell ME to call ups and deal with it. i am totally pissed. if i could get it somewhere else i would but there the only one who has it.guys am i wrong ? should i be the one who has to resolve this? i really want the grill but the owners are not being helpful on this situation. i feel they should make it right, now ups has the grill for inspection and b cool has my money and i have nothing :crying:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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