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Hey guys I'm trying to find the most affordable way to lift my 05' 2wd titan. I only want to run 33's on the stock 18" rims so I don't need anything crazy but I want a little more clearance than the mini lift provides. Lifting the rear is easy(blocks) but the front seems to be the expensive part. I was going to buy the cst 4" spindles and use the 2" blocks in the back but I recently started looking at the bilstein adjustables. I need to buy new shocks/struts anyhow. If I could get 2" with the bilstein adjustables and add the 2.5" levelers with them on the front then that should give me 4.5" of lift up front and would be way cheaper. I was wondering if this would work together and would it have any negative effects on the ride quality. PRG's site claims stock ride quality with the 4" spindles and that's what I'm looking for. I don't mind if it's slightly stiffer up front but I don't want my teeth rattling out of my head either. Has anybody else used a similar setup? Is there anything else I would need that I'm overlooking? Please keep in mind that I'm trying to keep this affordable without messing up my ride quality. I have to buy the shocks/struts, lift, and tires all at once so I'm looking for any way to save some money on the combo. I also want the finished product to be level front to rear or maybe slightly higher up front if anything. My measurements now show a difference of about 2" in height as the truck sits.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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