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Bilstein shocks pn anyone?

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Anyone have part numbers handy for bilstein front shocks? Looking for 05 2wd.
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Just installed the front and rear Bilstiens about a week ago. Ordered them from shock warehouse, same deal, same model and number as above, only for 06 KC SE 4x4(024 rears instead of 025). Got them less than a week later. No problems or issues.

BTW, there have been some past posts about the rears mounting boot down. The ones that are shipping now mount with the boots up. So spread the word......

What a difference from stock. Still smooth but better control and dampening without getting too nutty. Good, cheap mod w/o changing anything.
I could probably post a pic or 2. I will take some tonite after work.
Is an alignment necessary after installing new shocks/struts? I have the B's coming and will have them installed in a week or so.
I was told by an independent shop as well as the Nissan dealer that they require checking the alignment after doing the fronts. I had it done when I did my fronts. They alignment did in fact change from the OEM shocks and they adjusted it.
Thanks DMI. I emailed shock warehouse inquiring about the shocks mounting up or down and they had no idea. I'll have to call Bilstein directly to get the 411.
The ones I got won't mount upside down.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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