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Bilstein shocks/struts-f&r-new in box

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Sorry that my first "real" post has to be for selling an item, although i've posted asking for advice in the past (and received a ton of great advice)...member since 2009.

In 2009 i bought a 2005 titan, SE, 4 WD, Off-Road, with hi-mileage, so i figured i'd need struts/shocks soon and bought a set brand new. turns out i didn't need them..instead needed alignment and new tires, so i've had these F&R's still in box in my garage...and generally getting in my way

they are: Front struts: F4-BE5-B623-H0
Rear Shocks: F4-BE5-B624-H0

So now i'm going to be selling my Titan and getting an SUV (Armada?) 'cause my needs have changed and for sure don't need these shocks/struts. I haven't done a ton of research on prices, but what little i have done shows that you can get a set for $330-$350 shipped to you. I'd be willing to sell 'em for a bit less (not too much less

let me know what you think. i'm not in too much of a hurry to sell, but the first reasonable offer will get 'em.

if you want to check my "references", i do have an Ebay account with 100% positive feedback...member name is newd70 (the name i took after buying my first real camera...a nikon d-70). i also have a PayPal account, which is what i'd prefer to get paid with from whomever i sell these to.

i just took 2 quick shots of the shocks/struts in my (messy) garage for you to take a look at.


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How much for just the front
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