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2007 Titan 4x4 with BF Goodrich A/T 33's on stock 18" rims. They look stuffed in the wheel wells.

I just bought adjustable 5100 struts for the front and matching shocks as well as Firestone Ride-Rite airbags for the back. I considered a PRG kit and also add-a-leaf but decided not to go down those roads, mainly for economy.

Now I'm scratching my head wondering what setting to put the struts at. Buddies say go for the full stretch up front and add air to level in the back but I'm worried about a rough ride when the bed is empty. I've searched and read all the forums but there's so many different set-ups my head's in a spin. I carry a 550lb sled in the back all winter but not much in the summer. I'd like the lifted and definitely level look year round, for sure.

All opinions gratefully received!
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