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Bilsten HD's and handling?

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I've read a lot of good reviews on the Bilsten hd's as far as better dampening but I have not seen any reviews regarding how they handle around corners.

I am a spirited driver and am happy with the way my truck handles with the OEMs - will I be dissapointed with the Bilsten HDs?

I would like to purchase them to get improved handling over bumps but I do not want to sacrifice performance.

ps: I have an Armada with the rear auto leveling so it would just be the fronts (the same model as used for he Titan).

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I have Bilstein 5100s on front and back of my Titan and they are much better than the stock Ranchos in every way... but especially in dampening vehicle roll. You won't be unhappy with the upgrade to HDs.
Im running Bilstein HD's on the front of my truck with the Springtech 2" drop coils.

My truck handles great (for a full size truck with no rear sway bar). If i decide to go any lower with it, i will be getting a set of sways to help out as much as possible.

However, the truck handles fine the way it is. Even towing ~6500lbs it does just fine.
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