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How come they all say they work for '04-'06 but not '07?

I thought all the changes came in '08 when they did the minor facelift.

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Most likely because they are more focused on making profits by selling in volume than they are in what changes are made to what year vehicles.... Check any of their feedback. ALL the problems are "poor communication", "wrong item, won't answer emails", "item doesn't fit this application like they said it would", etc..... They rebox stuff and ship, ship, ship!!!!! Not only that, but I'm sure with the extent of their write-ups, they don't bother to read them most of the time, and just repost them....

The bottomline is that they SHOULD fit the '07 Titan just the same as the '04 up. Minor changes to the '07 model included the 12HP boost, the VVT, the dual-in factory exhaust, and the ported intake. The headlights didn't change as far as I know.
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