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black MT classic lock II's

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the other day i saw a picture of a titan with black powdercoated mickey thompson classic lock II's. i was wondering if anybody knows who i am talking about, or if anybody has that picture. i was thinking about doing that for some time now, and i would just like to see that pic again. thanks

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I'm looking at the same wheel right now(but not black)
I'd love to see a couple of pics w/ those wheels also...
Also want to ask how they fit far as rubbing, only 4.5" b/spacing.
Well I don't have the wheels you all are talking about but I do have the AR Mojave's which have 4.5" of BS and am running stock 285/70/17's and have no rubbing at all and it looks as if there is still room for a larger tire w/o any rubbing.
I'm running a set of 295/70/R17's so it sounds like I'b fine.
Thanks...Still love to see a few pics of the M/T wheels on a Titan...
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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