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black projector problems

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sounds like everyone that has installed these, have had issue's with light bulb's or some other reason, these are not something you can just plug in and play! what is the end result's of what the problem is, and the best way to install.


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Clancy said:
I was under the impression that the lamps are different - they are not quite plug and play. I only want them to convert to HID's and from what I've read they take an H1 bulb, not the stock 9006 (although I think the high-beam is still the 9005). Somebody correct me if I'm wrong...
Your correct that it takes an H1 bulb. I didnt bother with the little halo and the little led's. 1 side worked for the led's and the other dididnt and one side for the halo worked and the other didnt. I had to get replacment bulbs because the bulbs were different. Whats funny is it says on them do not use hid's n them lol but it seems like alot of us do it anyways. idk if its just the color I have or not but I cant see worth a darn at night with the 10k bulbs lol, I do have them adjusted right also. I had 8's in my factory headlights and saw great. I may get 6's soon because not seeing to good at night isnt worth getting into an accident just because of bulbs.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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