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Black SL wheels on Pro4x?

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So I'm not a huge fan of the stock Pro4x wheels on the new 2017 Titans. I've been looking around at aftermarket wheels, but haven't found anything I'm just super pumped about. I like the OEM black 20" wheels that are an option on the 2017 SL Titans (pictured below). Has anybody seen these put on a gen 2 Pro4x yet? I think it could look pretty good with those wheels and some BFG KO2 tires.


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They would fit fine, they were also part of a sport appearance package too, not just available on the SL. Hard to come by and expensive
I think you may be thinking of the first gen Titan dark grey 20" 6 spoke wheels? No sport appearance packages on the gen 2's.

I can get the wheels brand new through work for $270/each. Not cheap, but on par with aftermarket wheel costs. I think they look pretty good and like that I wouldn't have to worry about offset causing rubbing issues like a lot of aftermarket wheels would.
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