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Black Widow Muffler installed today

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2010 XE

took her in to local Muffler guy, going for a mild to moderate exhaust note

they held on a magna 22 (meh), flowmaster 50 (nice), a 3rd something i have never heard of, and finally the black widow 250 - Pete says he is the only dealer in iowa and im gonna love it ... slap er on!


low and throaty at start up but backs off at idle, touch the gas and that RUMBLE kicks in. drove around all evening loving it. picked up the wife and she commented on how quiet it was when we rolled up the windows! yes!

no pings no flub

best so far is there is no sign of a consistent drone at speed - tested in traffic as well as interstate, caught maybe 5 seconds of drone between 4th and OD

so 6 hours of ownership later im here whoring myself for Black Widow !

anyone else on here running one?
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And the big issue, for some of us is if we can't find a place to we trust to put on headers, we are going to go with oem manifolds anyways. I'm at a 100k right now and no issues, so I'd probably lean towards another set of OEM manifolds as by the time they crack again, I'd be in a different truck anyways than deal with the hassle of finding a place that can do the work correctly on headers and getting it tuned.

That's the part that is often over looked in these discussions. Some of us don't have the time, place and tools to do this kind of work, even if we might have the ability to do it.

I'm in the same boat as Indy. I KNOW the cracked manis are coming but I dont have the time to do a preemptive strike on them right now. So i also did the bolt on stuff now and will wait on the headers.

I love my BDGT because on the digital temp gauges and the more sensitive throttle setting. I know if is overpriced for a temp gauge but i will recoup some of that when I sell it and go full headers/uprev. plus the muffler/intake etc will all work with the headers and do I not mind if it gets louder.... hehe

BTW, I am running airraid intake and i just swapped my flowmaster (40?) - 13" muffler for a magnaflow 18". The old setup came with the truck and was pretty rusted. it was single 3" in and dual 2.5" out. The magnaflow setup is 3" in with dual 2.5" turndowns. MUCH quieter around town. More sophisticated sound, deeper. But still sounds good on the gas and no drone.

Glad the muffler worked out for ya Indy
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