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Black Widow Muffler installed today

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2010 XE

took her in to local Muffler guy, going for a mild to moderate exhaust note

they held on a magna 22 (meh), flowmaster 50 (nice), a 3rd something i have never heard of, and finally the black widow 250 - Pete says he is the only dealer in iowa and im gonna love it ... slap er on!


low and throaty at start up but backs off at idle, touch the gas and that RUMBLE kicks in. drove around all evening loving it. picked up the wife and she commented on how quiet it was when we rolled up the windows! yes!

no pings no flub

best so far is there is no sign of a consistent drone at speed - tested in traffic as well as interstate, caught maybe 5 seconds of drone between 4th and OD

so 6 hours of ownership later im here whoring myself for Black Widow !

anyone else on here running one?
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All that will change with the BW muffler when headers are installed.
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I hate to see you waste money on the muffler and Bdgt when you can get the parts that work with headers the first time. Save a little more and just get Uprev and you will have it for when the manifolds take a dump. So many make the mistake including myself with the wrong mufflers and tuners.
its not a "wrong" choice if im happy with what i got

if i want to upgrade later on, like i mentioned, ive seen the 274 threads on uprev
Your correct as long as your happy with it. My point is 99% of the people who keep the Titan will expierence a cracked manifold at some point and the muffler and canned tuner you purchased will not work with headers at that time. You could have saved some money and went with what does work when that time happens. That was my whole point trying to save you some $$$ down the road. Im all about that doesnt matter if you buy from me or Joe Blow. Keep us posted on your install.
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Here is the deal with going back with manifolds. You dont know when they are going to crack. I had a customer with a QX56 last month who had cracked manifolds in Feb 2016. Had the manifolds replaced under warranty at his local Nissan dealership didnt cost him a dime. He called me July 2017 with cracked manifolds again now out of warranty. The problem is you have no idea when its going to happen. I have had a 2014 Titan with 40K miles and a 2011 with 26K miles cracked manifolds. Both guys put headers on the truck and voided warranty because they had been through the manifold issue previously on their other Titans and loved the outcome with headers. There is no way I would pay $3000-3500 to have any make manifold on my truck with track records like that if I planned to keep it. Your not guaranteed another 100K miles by no means. I have seen the $900 each Maganflow manifolds fail at 6 months. I understand some may have issues finding a installer but its worth the leg work to do so in the long run. Installers are out there mostly off the beatin path performance oriented type shops will do it all day. I have sent the Cajun Stage 1 to Nissan dealerships before believe it or not. Cracks will happen to most of us so this is why I preach on this forum and the FB pages to buys parts that work with headers to save you hassle and $$$$ when that time happens. Uprev through Joe at Cajun saves you the hassle of finding a shop to tune as well, he tunes you through the net via etuning so it can be done in your driveway.
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Oh yeah. Pulling that large camper would be soooo much better with 50 extra HP and TQ. :). Not so much with a Black Widow muffler though.
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