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Blackbeauty with Fall Foliage

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The leaves are turning and dropping here in PA, so it afforded me the perfect opportunity to take some updated photos of Blackbeauty.

Latest mod was the PRG leveling kit installed last Saturday. I really like the stance it offers.

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I don't know what looks better the background or your truck......No......It's the truck.:boxing:
Nice pics, truck looks good, only way it could look any better is if it were silver,lol, kidding. I love the way your step bars look on there.
Truck looks good. I need to wash mine. I always liked this time of year when I lived up there.
when can we expect our blackbeauty calenders?? :jester:
Wow! The PRG kit really looks great.:thumbsup: Oh and nice house BTW.:rofl:
Is that an '08?:jester: Very clean truck Ed, the the back drop is amazing also.
Delta15 said:
when can we expect our blackbeauty calenders?? :jester:
Ya know... That's not a bad idea! :lol: I'll get to work on that!

Ummmm, cover?

Thanks for the kind words, guys! Oh, and did I mention, "I LOVE THIS TRUCK!!!!"
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It looks ok I guess, my BIG RED TRUCK looks better:teethmast
You have a very good looking truck. I like the step bars and I'm glad too see someone else likes their stock wheels also. I like them better then anything else I've seen so far, so don't tell me you're fixing too change them. LOL
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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