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blinkin' light...

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I have a question about my "diff lock" light comming on when I have a load in the back of my truck..Whenever I load the back of my truck ie, my fourwheeler, or a few buddies, about 200lbs. or more, my "diff lock" light on my dash blinks. I don't notice any difference in my driving or hear any noises like my diff lock kicking in. Anyone else with this problem? Some say it might be auto locking, but why would it blink? Its not a consistant blink. Seems like wires are touching or somethin... please help?
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First I would double check to make sure the switch wasn't accidently nocked over. If the switch is in the off position then I would bring it to the dealer. The blinking light means that it is not working, if you move the switch in any other selection than 4 lo it will blink.
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