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Blown Hemi motor at 6,200 miles!

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check this out....
poor pickup owning brother... hope this never happes to a Titan:

"...RIP GTP Hello HEMI
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11/12/2003 6:07p
I am so full of rage right now that I can barely formulate a proper thought.

Thats right folks! My RAM has been sitting dead as a door nail at the dealership for that last 2 days. It is just 4 months old at just over 6K.

Right now I am nothing but the object of ridicule from all the guys who warned me...."DONT BUY A CHRYSLER WHATEVER YOU DO!" including my co-worker who used to work for a Chrysler dealership!!!

I have instantly gone from converted Dodge booster to instant Dodge HATER...

...They were not even going to give me a loaner until I literally was on the edge of freaking out in front of customers in the dealership.
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Static101: whew, that sucks about your Ram, but thank you for sharing the pain. i did seriously consider Ram 1500, Tundra, and the 2004 Sierra 2500 EC before we choose the Titan (the weaker Tundra was 2nd choice).

the only chrysler i'd get is a Wrangler v6 (have had two: they use old inefficient and weak engine, but it's realiable and that's what you want on top of snowy mountain trail, all alone with your "honey") or a Dodge Viper (don't need it, rather have a Hayabusa motorycycle)
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