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blue fluid leak

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who knew coolant came in blue?
i didn't.

at the same exact time the leak showed up, my low windshield wiper fluid light came on so naturally i thought it was a windshield wiper fluid leak cuz windshield wiper fluid is blue. no big deal. i'll take it in when i have the time. my truck only has ~6k miles....
it stopped leaking after a week and the truck never got hot, not even a lil and i drove to and from the 110* desert once or twice.

3 weeks later i finally take it in and sure enough, it's a coolant leak. rear heater hose. anyone know what could cause this, especially on such a young truck?
also got the ac actuator recall done (that was annoying) and a replacement bed extender (the previous one wouldn't lock on one side so they gave me a brand new black one). also the bluetooth headphones and remote for the DVD won't work so i'm letting them replace that as well.

looks like i'm gonna have one of those trucks :rolleyes: (lolol)

so anyway just an fyi, our coolant is blue.
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Mines green! :)
That must be the special new 2011 pro4x high performance coolant.

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