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had my 06' in for oil change. asked service writer to check brakes, "im taking my family on a road trip". said brakes were good. less than a month later started grinding. pulled into my driveway, jacked it up and pulled the wheels. inside pads on left and right front are toast. rotors damaged. took it in and paid 300$ for pads and machining. horrible job machining rotors... 3 days later they said they would pay for half the cost for new rotors. my part is $240.00. when i complained and said it shouldnt have happened. they said i got the "free" brake inspection. "they just look at the outside of the wheels." ( it was on the rack for axle seal replacement at the time!) two service writers told me nissan has inferior rotors and to use aftermarket. service manager said to call nissan usa. NISSAN USA said its not abnormal to need new rotors at 45,000 miles. and they have no control over dealer service departments rectifying their mistakes. i have been a nissan customer for 20 + years. anyone in the Kansas City area beware. crap service, then blow smoke to cover it up, then just refuse to remedy the situation.. attached photos are after machining by nissan service.
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