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Bluetooth menu missing?

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Hi All,

Just got myself my 3rd Titan; this time a 2013 PRO-4X (no navigation). It has bluetooth, but I had to set it up through the steering wheel as when I pressed the settings button (as per the manual) there was no bluetooth option. Seems weird; am I missing something? Thanks in advance.
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So the Bluetooth option in my settings menu won't appear until I install the Nissan Connect App?
Go into your apps and set it up
Mine doesn't seem to have apps. I downloaded the Nissan connect app to my phone, but it didn't change any of my menu options.
Nope. It looks like this one:


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Using the steering wheel controls, the phone paired fine and I can send and receive calls. It is that there is no manual control options within the settings menu.
I thought of that too, but the manual makes no reference to it. The manual states that to setup a phone for bluetooth usage (phone stuff) to press the settings button and do it through that. When I did that, there is no bluetooth option.
I think it was 2014. What gets me is that according to my manual, for the type of radio I have, I should be able to press the settings button and have bluetooth as a menu option.
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