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I won't get into debating whether or not you should use HID's in standard lights. That'll just elicit a bunch of flak. Suffice it to say that the BEST way of doing it is to buy a complete factory HID lighting system.

If you decide to fit aftermarket conversion kits, your car has separate lamps for the low and high beams, so you'd need 2 kits. However, if you decide to do this, it's really only desirable to use HID's in the low beams. HID's take a couple of seconds to come up to full output; with high beams that you're always turning on and off, they'd rarely be on long enough to reach full output.

OE bi-xenon systems actually just use a single light source for low and high beams, and a motorised shutter to shut off the light from the high-beam portion. This means the light source is lit continuously (when the headlights are on), so the high-beams are immediately at full light output when they're engaged.

So, if you're going with aftermarket kits, just use HID in the low beams, and leave the high beams alone.

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You can always get a nice retrofit in the low beam and make it a Bi-xenon. HID's work great IF you install a good set of projectors. The possibilities for Retrofits are Endless.

Send me a PM and i'll put you in touch with 2 of TitanTalk best builders. They use nothing but the best components and HID kits.
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