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body lift or suspension lift

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im tryin to go a different route for once. ive always lowered trucks and cars but now im startin to get into the lifted look. Guys at my work were like go body some were like go suspension. Im kinda lookin for advice. Id like to put either 18's or 20's on with like a 33 or 35 and was wonderin what would be better and how high to clear tires and wheels like that. Any input or pics of a body lifted or suspension lifted would be great.
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For my .02, a suspension lift is the way to go. If you're only looking to clear 35's, there have been lots of folks that have tucked those under a PRG Mini Lift. If you want a little higher for not a lot more bucks, try the 4" CST spindle lift. I'm just not a fan of the gaps that body lifts leave between body and frame. Besides, I'm betting that a suspension lift would be an easier install. :dunno:
that was how i felt. body gaps dont look as nice as a suspension lift. Know of any good places to get the spindles or i guess ebay would be a good place to start im guessing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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