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After searching google and the forum and coming up with just about nothing ( other then whitetitans pictures) on mounting the oem offroad skid plate with a body lift i decided id post what i did. Theres alittle cutting and welding involved but nothing too bad.

Mocking it up and taking measurements

Cut two tabs out of the holes where the bolts go in the back allowing it to slide forward more. There is a bend at the end but it will flatten out when you tighten the bolts. You also have to cut gaps out to fit the tow hooks (sorry no pic of that)

Mark two lines 3 3/16" apart. After you cut that portion out you'll have to size it up and cut a section out of that to weld in between the top and bottom half. Weld it back together hit and hit it with some kinda paint to prevent rust, i just used engine enamel.

It take a little playing with to figure out and getting everything to match up and fit right. Heres the product.

And another

If anyone needs any extra pics or has questions let me know. Ill add some more pictures later on.


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