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body lift ?

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will the shift lever sit lower in consule, and are any other controls affected accelerator pedal /brake
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I have the XE which has the shifter on the column. I did not have to re-route nor make any other adjustments. I believe the mechanisim is run through a cable. I think you will be okay.

Good Luck
wow! D.T. looks like GOD built your truck! right off the show room floor, how about the transfer case selector, is that a mechanical or electrical engagement?
The transfer case has an electronic control.
How much would it cost for someone to install a body lift?
his truck does look good

i just like a little contrast
if he had door guards it might catch my eye more but it looks picturesque

very, very nice

by the way
i am starting a new site
it is a forum like this one but i am an off-roader (if money will alow)

come take a look linky
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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