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BudmanHemi said:
If your under 12,000 miles take it back, and get it fixed. Bumper too bumper under 12k. Everything is fixed. I deliver too dodge/nissan dealers. They dont want you too know it, but they have too fix it if you have less then 12k.

Bumper to Bumper for "Manufacturers Defects". They don't have to fix anything that isn't considered a manuf. defect. Generally speaking this would be something that wasn't designed or performing the way it was intended. The warranty doesn't cover damage you do on your own. Also even though it says bumper to bumper there are some exceptions. This would include wear items like tires, brakes, clutches, dings in your windshield etc. Now if a wear item was found to fail because of being defective or as a result of another part (causal part) then it would probably be covered. If a tire goes a manufacturer will typically refer you to the tire maker as they have a separate warranty.

If you dent your vehicle it's not covered under warranty.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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