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dd564 said:
I noticed my first door ding. Can really tell when she's waxed up real pretty.

(Looks like a mirror). So I look down the side of the truck, and it's shiny, smooth, and deep. The on the rear door is a slight ding with a slight trace of white paint rubbed on it.

I look to the left and there's the reminder of where it came from. My wife's white Jetta. She accidentally bumped it while taking the baby seat out of the back seat.

She feels bad, and I wish it wasn't there, but she let me get the truck. So instead of saying anything, I just keep the truck clean so she sees it.

Wonder how much to get that fixed?
That is an easy fix as long as your paint isn't broken. Take it to one of the Dent Doctors or Dent Wizards in your area to get the dent popped out ($50) and then use a light rubbing polish like Meguire's Deep Crystal polish to get rid of the white paint.

It'll look like new again and you can stop making the wife feel guilty :) ......jeez, she was nice enough to let you get the Titan, go easy on her.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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