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Memphis4x4 said:
That is an easy fix as long as your paint isn't broken. Take it to one of the Dent Doctors or Dent Wizards in your area to get the dent popped out ($50) and then use a light rubbing polish like Meguire's Deep Crystal polish to get rid of the white paint.

It'll look like new again and you can stop making the wife feel guilty :) ......jeez, she was nice enough to let you get the Titan, go easy on her.
Do your self a favor, dent doctor, and dent wizzards, train thier people for 2 weeks and then send them out to work on your car!!!...

I was in the paintless dent removal busniess for 2 years ( too cut throaght for me), but I worked for Dent masters where I was trained for 6 months, then sent to work on used cars, where you could have an imerfect fix, wasnt allowed to work on persional cars until over a year. I would highly reccomend dent masters, or Used to be one called Ding King, that was really good, but I havent seen them around to much lately... expect to pay 75-125 dollars... but I will say that proper dent removal is an art, and it takes patients to learn...
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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