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Borla XR-1?

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Quick question. I'm considering changing up my exhaust setup (one final time hopefully).

I have JBA long tubes, catless bpipes and an MBRP Pro Series 304ss catback. I was thinking of swapping out the muffler and tip in favor of a Borla XR-1 with a dumped tip over the axle for a cleaner look and a deeper tone.

My question: Is there any difference in sound/performance between the oval (40944) XR-1 and the round (40085) XR-1? Both are 304 stainless, and both are single 3-in/3-out. I was under the assumption that shorter mufflers will be louder. That being said, the oval is listed as 16" x 4.5"(narrow part of oval) x 7.88"(thick part of oval), and the round is listed as 15" x 5" diameter round.

Any thoughts on differences, or anyone with firsthand knowledge on either one? I don't anticipate space will be an issue, so no worries there.
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Mainly to change up the look. I feel like the pipe hangs way low on my truck. It used to be tucked up nice and high behind my wheel, now it's probably an extra 3 inches to the rear, and is noticeably lower. That, and I'm always flinging mud on it and dinging it with rocks I'm sure. I think something is up with the rubber insulator, or maybe I need to just pull the whole systeml apart and reset it. I have this really annoying issue too from time to time that I haven't permanently fixed, where when the exhaust heats up and expands sometimes the rearmost hangar will rub against the anchor, creating this incredibly annoying metal-on-metal squeak at idle.

I may take some measurements and run it by a muffler shop and see what they think about trimming it up a bit and getting it welded in place of the clamps. It's probably just not clamped tight enough and is rotating/shifting.
ahhh gotcha.

I was never a fan of the tail pipe cut short and left under the truck. exhaust gases find their way into a lot of places. especially with you having a cap or soft top...

funny how my tail/tip end has dropped more than 1/2 as well, but the rear hanger and rod are exactly where it was set before...

from what I`m told, the exhaust does move quite a bit.
You know, that is a very, very good point. I hadn't thought about that. I'd hate to have my truck running with me in the back and be breathing all of that in. Hmm.

That's interesting though. Most other Ts I see still have their pipe just below the body, so I thought I was the only oddball having issues.

If I do stick with the current setup, I've also been considering painting the tip with VHT (very high temp) black paint. I might plastidip it and see if I like it haha. :devil:
Killing my vibe man! Haha just kidding. I appreciate the info.

So when you say it dulls...does it just fade from glossy to matte? Or does it just end up looking like complete garbage? I wouldn't mind a fade-to-matte finish so much.
Yeah, I only considered the exhaust gasses after he mentioned it because I sleep in my bed from time to time camping, sometimes with the engine running if need be. Probably not too good for the lungs in conjunction with a camper shell, if the gasses seep up through the bed.

How do you like the sound with that muffler and the dumped setup? Not loud enough/too loud/just right? Any bad resonance or drone in cab? Does it have a higher pitch, or a deeper tone?
I ordered my UQ, but sent it back before I even put it on. I liked the sound of my current setup too much, drone/CIS and all so I just figured why take the chance. And it is my only (4 wheeled) vehicle, so that says a lot. It just sounds mean as hell. (On that UpRev gets here TOMORROW!!! Can't wait to hear it after that!)

Well, I guess the clear solution is that I'm going to need to stalk you and stake out your vehicle until you start it up to drive somewhere, so I can listen and compare...
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Your going to love your truck all over again once your tuned. I look forward to it for you lol
I'm a little bit too excited. If I wasn't working night shifts, I would be awake first thing in the morning sitting in front of my apartment door in a lawn chair, with a pen in hand ready for the signature. I swear if I don't see this package tomorrow, I will find this mailman... :ninja:

My major concern is my laptop, honestly. The battery is pretty much shot on it. When it's not plugged in, it only lasts 15-20 minutes. I hope that's at least enough juice to do a few runs at a time...because I really don't want to have to go buy a new computer, though if I have to I will lol.
Hops, you def don`t want to mess with the tuning, downloading, or data logging with a poor battery in the laptop.

during the downloads you can plug your laptop from a power chord from the house. Maybe you can squeek in a data log run before the battery craps out. The Titans electronics are ultra sensitive to voltage loss or spikes...
whatever you do, don`t ever lose the connectivity while you are downloading a Tune.

this is important to have a good running laptop, or reliable laptop when tuning the truck...
a good investment in a new laptop will come in handy for future tuning should you need it...

in the end, you won`t be able to wipe that sheet eatin grin off your mug! :big_grin:
Yeah I was thinking about that too. I meant mainly for the purposes of logging, since I won't be near an outlet. I'll just be sure to get a full charge before I go to do anything critical.

I'll start with just plugging my cable in to get the info and see how it goes from there haha.
The UQ will kill the Borla Drone.
JBA LT > catless bpipes > 2.5 inch piping > 10 inch long y pipe > 40944 xr-1 > 3 inch UQ > 3.5 inch exit. Sounds like a solid setup?

Also, does anyone have experience with this y-pipe? I've been told vibrant is the go to but, it's so expensive in comparison. It's 304 stainless and seems to have reasonable length for the gasses to merge before the muffler.

Speaking of the y-pipe, is there any difference between welding it in closer to the cats, versus closer to the muffler? I've heard both...
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