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Borla XR-1?

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Quick question. I'm considering changing up my exhaust setup (one final time hopefully).

I have JBA long tubes, catless bpipes and an MBRP Pro Series 304ss catback. I was thinking of swapping out the muffler and tip in favor of a Borla XR-1 with a dumped tip over the axle for a cleaner look and a deeper tone.

My question: Is there any difference in sound/performance between the oval (40944) XR-1 and the round (40085) XR-1? Both are 304 stainless, and both are single 3-in/3-out. I was under the assumption that shorter mufflers will be louder. That being said, the oval is listed as 16" x 4.5"(narrow part of oval) x 7.88"(thick part of oval), and the round is listed as 15" x 5" diameter round.

Any thoughts on differences, or anyone with firsthand knowledge on either one? I don't anticipate space will be an issue, so no worries there.
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why a dumped tip over the axle?
ahhh gotcha.

I was never a fan of the tail pipe cut short and left under the truck. exhaust gases find their way into a lot of places. especially with you having a cap or soft top...

funny how my tail/tip end has dropped more than 1/2 as well, but the rear hanger and rod are exactly where it was set before...

from what I`m told, the exhaust does move quite a bit.
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Hops, I`ve tried them all, VHT, ceramic engine paint, (but not PD on the exhaust tip, lol) and they all look god for a limited amount of time. seems the VHT paint dulls in short order, the engine paint with ceramic good for 500° last a little while longer, but still dulls.

I don`t think it is a heat issue, as the tip doesn`t get that hot or to hot continuously, but the constant abrasion from road crap and the constant dooshing from rain off the tire maybe kills the painted finish.

maybe check out a black chrome tip to replace what you have...

yeah, my AFE tip does stick out more after the header and B pipe install and I`m sure it is bc it is relocated from the new parts.
I was unable to tweek or turn anything to make small adjustments bc the 360 degree band clamps have been on the AFE system since it was installed, and the pipes are set in deep. so it is what it is... for
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Killing my vibe man! Haha just kidding. I appreciate the info.

So when you say it dulls...does it just fade from glossy to matte? Or does it just end up looking like complete garbage? I wouldn't mind a fade-to-matte finish so much.
yes, they start off losing the gloss, then even if a matte finish it will eventually turn light greyish, besides the bombardment of trash from the rear wheel...

you won`t know until you try it, I say go for it and experiment and see what you like... don`t forget to post pics...
My major concern is my laptop, honestly. The battery is pretty much shot on it. When it's not plugged in, it only lasts 15-20 minutes. I hope that's at least enough juice to do a few runs at a time...because I really don't want to have to go buy a new computer, though if I have to I will lol.
Hops, you def don`t want to mess with the tuning, downloading, or data logging with a poor battery in the laptop.

during the downloads you can plug your laptop from a power chord from the house. Maybe you can squeek in a data log run before the battery craps out. The Titans electronics are ultra sensitive to voltage loss or spikes...
whatever you do, don`t ever lose the connectivity while you are downloading a Tune.

this is important to have a good running laptop, or reliable laptop when tuning the truck...
a good investment in a new laptop will come in handy for future tuning should you need it...

in the end, you won`t be able to wipe that sheet eatin grin off your mug! :big_grin:
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