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Borla XR-1?

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Quick question. I'm considering changing up my exhaust setup (one final time hopefully).

I have JBA long tubes, catless bpipes and an MBRP Pro Series 304ss catback. I was thinking of swapping out the muffler and tip in favor of a Borla XR-1 with a dumped tip over the axle for a cleaner look and a deeper tone.

My question: Is there any difference in sound/performance between the oval (40944) XR-1 and the round (40085) XR-1? Both are 304 stainless, and both are single 3-in/3-out. I was under the assumption that shorter mufflers will be louder. That being said, the oval is listed as 16" x 4.5"(narrow part of oval) x 7.88"(thick part of oval), and the round is listed as 15" x 5" diameter round.

Any thoughts on differences, or anyone with firsthand knowledge on either one? I don't anticipate space will be an issue, so no worries there.
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I went with the 40944 so far without the ultraquiet. I'm running the Cajun set up with reso Bpipes an love he sound. Get a lot of compliments on it.
Only thing that really drives me a bit crazy is between 16-1850 rpm or right around the drone can get annoying. If that kinda thing doesn't bug you it's the way to go.
The only way to kill the drone is with a UQ in the tailpipe but you have to remember the tailpipe must be vented outside the body or box to eliminate resonation back into the cab.
I tried about 20-30 different setups now and to eliminate drone with a 40944 it must exit.
Even with a UQ in a full tail if it does not exit outside the body line you will have drone.
I will be honest. I didnt loose much tone with the UQ. Just deepened the tone. And the drone is 95% gone now. No more headaches on the thruway lol.
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