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Borla XR-1?

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Quick question. I'm considering changing up my exhaust setup (one final time hopefully).

I have JBA long tubes, catless bpipes and an MBRP Pro Series 304ss catback. I was thinking of swapping out the muffler and tip in favor of a Borla XR-1 with a dumped tip over the axle for a cleaner look and a deeper tone.

My question: Is there any difference in sound/performance between the oval (40944) XR-1 and the round (40085) XR-1? Both are 304 stainless, and both are single 3-in/3-out. I was under the assumption that shorter mufflers will be louder. That being said, the oval is listed as 16" x 4.5"(narrow part of oval) x 7.88"(thick part of oval), and the round is listed as 15" x 5" diameter round.

Any thoughts on differences, or anyone with firsthand knowledge on either one? I don't anticipate space will be an issue, so no worries there.
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I went with the 40944 just because that's the part number I kept seeing everyone reference. After I cut my UQ off, mine is dumped just over the rear axle right before the spare tire. I love having the exhaust "hidden" after I did it. Looks much cleaner in my opinion. I never thought about the exhaust gases, but I don't think it's too much to worry about.
Ah, yeah I could see the sleeping in there with the engine running possibly being a little iffy.

I love the way it sounds now. I'm probably in the vast minority, but I wasn't a fan of the exhaust with the UQ. I missed the sound without it. Thus why I cut it off after about 5 days. It's definitely very loud, and there is for sure some drone when going down the highway/interstate. This is not my daily driver, so I probably have more tolerance for that kind of stuff than someone who drives it everyday. It has a deeper tone, and I feel like it got slightly deeper after it broke in a little.
I ordered my UQ, but sent it back before I even put it on. I liked the sound of my current setup too much, drone/CIS and all so I just figured why take the chance. And it is my only (4 wheeled) vehicle, so that says a lot. It just sounds mean as hell. (On that UpRev gets here TOMORROW!!! Can't wait to hear it after that!)

Well, I guess the clear solution is that I'm going to need to stalk you and stake out your vehicle until you start it up to drive somewhere, so I can listen and compare...

Haha. Need to find some time to meet up. I know I always like to see something in person if possible before going with a particular setup.
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