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Bestatchess, you are awesome.

I had no idea the manual was downloadable. I signed up for a day, then found the main PDF.. I did some searches here and found a list of filenames for each chapter and wrote a shell script (I'm a programmer) to pull everything down to one of the machines at work.

It's downloaded, and I just started the monster print job at work. I'll head in tomorrow morning and either pick up a gigantic wad of $19.99 service manual, or feed the printer more paper!

This is all going on 2 CD's - one to put on the shelf, and one to use.

These Nissan people.. pretty darn slick.

Thanks again for the tip!


bestatchess said:
Download the Service Manual for $20 and take a look at pages IP-12 & AV-65

In a nutshell:

IP-12: Pull the center dash cover section rearward. It is just held by clips. Then disconnect the electrical connectors to the heat & A/C control knobs. This allows removal of the center dash cover.

AV-65: Remove four screws (two on each side) pull the audio unit out and disconnect the connectors.

I have had the center dash cover off. It is not that big of a deal. Just grab it at one upper corner and pull.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts
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