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Bout to buy the PRG 2" leveling kit...

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Hey everyone, Okay, here's the deal... I have an '05 CC 4x4 Off Road Package. About a year ago I made the mistake of purchasing the Sky Jacker front end leveling kit for my titan. BAD MOVE. It's the polyurithane spacers and long story short, I screwed up my front end, blew both shocks and so on and so on.... I really want a leveling kit for my titan and am dangerously close to buying the PRG leveling kit. I also want to upgrade to a 315 in either a nitto grapplier or BFG AT's. I've read some of the horror stories and obviously experieced them for myself... I'm just lookin for any heads up you guys can give me about possible problems and some insight on tires and stuff... any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

PS. I read somethin about the UC's bumpin on the strut buckets... is that an issue on the PRG kit??

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I've got an 06 KC 4x4 with 2" PRG mini lift and the upper control arm is hitting the coil bucket when making sharp 90 degree turns. I would definitely get the PRG upper control arm too if you really want to off road it sometimes. That's my only gripe about it. Not enough travel.
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