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I have a 2004 that i have owned since new basically it's a great truck.I have on occasion had the "delta stroke sensor" issue but it has always cleared up buy pulling over shutting down the truck then restarting everything might be cool for a few months.I thought i would go ahead and change the brake booster with a remanufactured one since it was over 12 years old.Anyways i found this video on youtube of it and it was fairly easy.When i started the truck back up the ABS,Slip,VDC off,Brake and 4x4 light came on brakes seem to be good so i took it for a test drive then noticed the speedo not working.None of these lights were on prior to booster change out.I figured well the remanufactured one was defective so i reinstalled the old one still no change.I have tried leaving the battery cable off all day still no change.Brakes are working fine and truck still runs great but at a loose on where to look all fuses are good.I always do my own work so i don't have a trusty repair shop.Any ideas ?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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