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Brake fluid in power steering?

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So I used a turkey baster to add just a hair of fluid to my power steering fluid reservoir...less than an ounce of fluid. Only thing is I used the same turkey baster I used to pull out brake fluid when doing my brakes a few months ago. Didn't think twice about until a buddy of mine told me I could have contaminated my rack and pinion system doing this. Could a few drops of brake fluid cause damage, do I need to flush the entire system? What to you all think?
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Doubt it.
It takes a lot to ruin a hydraulic system.
Nah. It is probably no big deal.

I would worry more if you had done the reverse: contaminated your brake fluid with power steering fluid.
Brake fluid is pretty nasty stuff. It will remove paint. A very small amount probably isn't a big deal, but I would replace as much of the fluid in the reservoir as possible.
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I second HRTKD ... probably not gonna hurt anything in a tiny amount...But i'd just go ahead and do your fluid change... cant hurt to have new fluid in there and you will feel better.
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